Monday, July 21, 2008


Unknown? O.K., I'm having a bit of trouble putting a title to these posts...there isn't always a theme, you see, just a bit of my daily rambling...

We set our alarms today and got up at 6:45 to watch channel 13...what fun! Deanna Sauceda, thank you again for the wonderful story and helping get the word out and the creativity flowing.

We're busy busy filling up our calendar with lessons and classes - I'm working on a few wrap skirt classes in August. Coming up in our offerings will be an embellishment class, taught by a very talented gal, Kim, who can do wonders with appliques, adding a ruffle, and many other great ways to liven up a garment! She's also going to teach a class on making a dress for girls - similar to the dress seen in our store on the mini dressform. Those offerings will be posted soon.

Fourteen more bolts of fabric are on their way - about 5 of them home decorator....we can't wait for their arrival - later this week? maybe next? Sorry to be so vague, but we can't get much info. from our wholesaler as to an exact arrival date.

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Mara said...

Hi there! Just saw your ad in the local paper! Can't tell you how happy I am to see a place like this in town. I hold craft parties at my house every three months doing the same thing you are doing in your store. I am going to stop by and check you out - maybe my friends and I need to take a field trip!