Sunday, July 27, 2008

Classes are humming!

Hey there - what fun we've been having sewing! A wide-leg lounge pants class yesterday (Sat.) afternoon produced some awesome creations! Thanks to the great pattern in Amy Butlers "In Stitches", made on some great Amy Butler fabric, they were a hit! I keep forgetting to bring my camera into the store - when I do, I want to post some of this creativity at work!

I think what helps make the sewing time in the lounge so fun is the togetherness women share....making the time to relax, work on a similar project, doing a hobby that's non-stressful and hums along. It's just, well, peaceful. (and men, you're not banned from the lounge - I know there are some male sewers out there; you just need to make yourselves seen!)

In August, we'll do more lounge pants classes, as well as a super-easy wrap skirt. I just made one tonight at home in about 45 minutes (my pattern was already made; the class will include making the pattern)

And we continue to love to chat with our customers - we learn something new every day from you! (Saturday afternoon's tip was from Cheryl, who taught us a simple method of putting pins in the corners of your pattern & fabric - too wordy to explain in this blog - ask us when you come into the store!)

New fabrics to arrive any day now....we'll notify you when they do...after we attack the UPS man when we see him pull up!

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