Friday, January 30, 2015

Hip Stitchers

Here's what folks have been making and sharing:
Katie made these 2 quilt tops.  This one is from Quilty magazine:

This checkerboard one is from the book "Sunday Morning Quilts".  
She used many Kaffe prints:

Our own Catherine made this one for her son, Brad.  She has twins, a boy and girl, who are in college.  Both Brad and Celeste received a quilt for Christmas.  Brad took his back to college and promptly came down with the flu, 
so I'm thinking his quilt kept him comfy as he suffered!

My sister-in-law and her husband (yes, that would be my brother-in-law) are missionaries in Nicaragua, running a school.  She was in town over the holidays, and picked up some of our grunge fabrics to make curtains in their home there.  She sent me a picture of the finished curtains.  Bravo, Barb!

Sharon brought in the finished quilt she was commissioned to make, out of Crown Royal bags.  It's much more stunning in person, but here are some pictures.  It was quite a job!

A finished jelly roll race quilt top, which I believe was made with TWO jelly rolls!

And finally, I share with you a new chapter in my life:  a daughter with her driver's license!  As customer Kara put it this morning as we chatted on the phone:  "I imagine it must be terrifying, nauseating, and a relief all at once."  It is indeed - she drove her sister and herself to school this morning.  I walked to work, and it was an unexpected bit of wonderful-ness to start my day with a walk - noticing the things I usually don't notice as I usually drive, my mind on my to-do list for the day.  I enjoyed the snow, and the fresh air, and was able to just be in the moment.  Ironic, that she is excited and can't wait to drive every opportunity she gets (as I was at that age), and I now am so very happy to NOT have to drive when I don't need to.  Funny how the world works sometimes, isn't it?

Enjoy the snow today, all!

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