Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Girl and a Dress

Meet Anna.  She's been a part of Hip Stitch for about 3 years now.  She began with quilting (has made many), and has moved beyond into trying clothing; specifically, a dress; specifically, The Brynna Dress by Sew Liberated.

What I love about this girl:  her perseverance.  She's ripped out a number of seams, had to take time away from sewing for herself as an assistant at Summer Sewing Academy (which she was really good), and sewed at times when I've been busy in the store and haven't always had the time to help her.  She's patient, and quiet (and I love that....when she and I are the only ones in the store, we just enjoy the silence as we work).

She's learned to read directions on a sewing pattern, troubleshoot when things didn't go exactly as the picture illustrated, and here she is, in her beautiful dress:

and working on cutting it out:


catherinesewandsew said...

Anna did a stunning job! C.S.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Anna. You and your dress look fantastic! Rosanne