Friday, March 28, 2014

Today is a do-over

Yes, a do-over.  Just like groundhog day.....I dressed in the same clothes I wore yesterday (laundered last night), because I was so looking forward to wearing my Liverpool Tunic yesterday, but it didn't count.  Most of the day was spent in the ER at Kaseman hospital, after feeling funny yesterday morning, then feeling tingling/weakness in my left arm.  Thank goodness for my friend Sherry, (once a nurse, always a nurse), who took me into her office next door and strapped on the blood pressure cuff, and darn it if it wasn't elevated.  That was it....she kindly but firmly told me to go to the ER, giving me baby aspirin to take along the way.

Five hours later, EKG done, chest XRay done and a visit from the dr. on call, everything looked normal.  He's sending me for a follow-up stress test, but my heart is ok.  And as much as I'd rather spend my afternoon watching paint dry on a wall rather than be in ER, I was glad I went.  Worries are put to rest.

And in the middle of the night, getting a good nights' sleep, I rolled over and felt something uncomfortable on me....and realized I hadn't peeled off ALL of these little do-hickeys:

ER is no walk in the park - I sat praying that the drunk sleeping homeless woman next to me wouldn't wake up and puke into the bowl they left for her when they wheeled her up by me....she only woke up now & then to yell "where's my bed?!"  Thank goodness for nurses - they were sweet and funny and I don't how they do what they do for a living, but my thanks goes out to them.

So gals - when in doubt, go in and get your symptoms checked out.  You just never know.  And 5 hrs. in your lifetime isn't THAT much of an inconvenience.  And you, too, can have a do-over day!

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