Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jelly Roll Racing continues!

Thank you, Bralia, for leading another fun Jelly Roll race night Saturday!  Four hip stitchers completed tops using just a jelly roll: 
(you have turn your head to the right to see 2, which my computer wouldn't flip properly!)

Thinking about Ellen today.....I was looking back on her blog, and in 2009 she did a series of creative exercises.  I felt inspired to do the same.

5 things I love in my home right now:

My seeds sprouting indoors, beckoning me to warmer days to come:

My red basket, given to me by my dear friend Heather while we on the PTA board together.  It brings all my work to and from Hip Stitch:

My "new" Kindle, given to me by my niece Leah.  I thought I'd never ever want an electronic reading device....but I stand corrected.

This picture of the girls from yester years:

Pandora radio, which at the click of a button, I can listen to whatever I'm in 
the mood for at any given time:

and you?  How about sharing?  5 things YOU love in your home right now??

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