Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Travelers

This past Saturday was quite a day at the store!  Memorial Day sale.....Fiber Arts Fiesta customers....and then in walked Margaret:

She & her husband Tom are traveling the United States this summer - home for them is New Hampshire, and they're taking a 7 week (more or less) trip seeing this country of ours!  We had a wonderful visit with her, with plans to keep in touch and maybe even do an exchange of crafts.

Their blog is HERE  
Be an armchair traveler and check it out!

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Margaret Donnelly said...

Hey there Hipsters! I'm FINALLY home...52 days and over 9,000 miles later! It was AWESOME to meet you, and I really am looking forward to a collaboration! You should see all the loot I collected across the miles! LOL!

Love your store...I wish you were in New Hampshire!



P.S. Tried to comment from the road, but Blogger didn't like my iPad! :-)