Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The story of a quilt

Many of you regulars know that this past school year, I not only had a daughter in high school, but that she was in the marching band, and along with that, I volunteered to be a "uniform mom".  With that duty, I shared with 2 other moms - Margaret & Teresa, the very busy but very fun job of fitting, maintaining and monitoring the kids' uniforms.  Many days starting last July began at 5:30 a.m., with band camp underway, and we'd begin fitting all the kids, one by one, for their marching band duds.  It was a great way to get to know all the kids - and see their personalities, their interactions with each other, and just be involved (i.e. eavesdrop) in their lives.

Margaret, Teresa & I also formed a friendship - over much coffee in the morning, wine in the evenings, and a shared humor and flexibility to bend with whatever was thrown our way - through football games and band tournaments - weather extremes and uniform snafus.

Then, the news came that there was a "band baby" on the way (NOT one of the kids!)....their teacher.  So we decided to have the kids help to make a quilt for her and for the baby on the way.  Throughout the winter, while fitting concert uniforms, we'd sneak kids into the percussion room to have each draw their design on a block.

And then, holy cow....the end of the school year was fast approaching, and the blocks had to be made into a quilt!  The sashing began, with plans to get together and get this quilt finished.  And just when you think life is going along alright.....Teresa's husband passed away - unexpectedly, tragically, sadly.  We muddled through with her the days of shock and grief and the hopeless feeling of "what can we do to help?"  And then we worked on the quilt.  Late nights, glasses of wine, talking, sewing, quilting.  And finished it - 2 days before it was presented to the band teacher.

So this quilt?  Made with love.....gave a bit of healing.....and now given away, to provide memories of this past school year.