Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hip Stitchers

These pics are from December....our long-term goal of getting all our pics up on the blog!   Meet Mary & Brent, one of the most awesome young married couples I know. (ok, Mary is my niece, but no WAY am I prejudiced)  They came in about a week before Christmas to make corn sacks as gifts for family and friends.  They were determined to make and give hand made presents together, even though Brent had never touched a sewing machine before, and Mary's experience was limited.  So, what else to do, but throw them in the swimming pool headfirst!  It was a busy Saturday, there was a class in the lounge, so we set up one machine behind the counter for Mary, got Brent cutting at the table in front, and then set another machine up at the cutting table, gave him a 45 second lesson, and told him, "now, SEW!"  And he exceeded our expectations - they made about a dozen corn sacks and were off to finish their errands for the day.

Brent especially was composed and sewed diligently, despite all the attention lavished upon him.   It didn't hurt that they're such an adorable couple!

Debbie stopped in a week or so ago.  Her mom had moved into assisted living, and her mom's house recently sold, which meant Debbie has been cleaning out the home and getting it ready for an estate sale.  She brought in this outfit, that she made (I hope my memory serves me) in high school 4-H?  Kelly green wool, with matching reversible jacket. Oh, and a matching purse!  Look how she even matched up the plaids:

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Deb R said...

It wasn't for 4H, it was for a "Make it With Wool" contest back in the 1970's. The wool council had the contests to convince us that we should make clothing from scratchy wool. Don't know if I really wore it much, it's still in perfect condition.