Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blocks for Boston

Will you help?  We'll be collecting blocks donated and mailing them to Boston to be made into quilts for the bombing victims, families and others affected by the tragedy last week.  Here are the details:

Blocks sent to the Boston Modern Quilt Guild should be blue, yellow, gray, and white. All blocks should be 12½” tall x the width of your choice. That could mean 12½” x 7”, 12½” x 12½”, or anything wider, more narrow, or in between. Please machine piece your blocks in any style you would like. Please use only “quilt shop quality” 100% cotton or cotton/linen fabrics. Both print and solid fabrics are welcome. Our preference is white or light gray 100% cotton thread, but any coordinating thread of good quality will do.

Please get blocks dropped off to Hip Stitch by May 18 at the very latest, and we'll ship them off.

Thank you, Boston Modern Quilt Guild, for putting this together!

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