Saturday, October 27, 2012


Part 2 in an ongoing series of longtime languishing but now completed UFOs   (see August 11, 2012 for part 1)

A few weekends ago I met two wonderful women, Martha and Susan, on visit from London.  

It was great fun and interesting to ask them and hear about about the Olympics,
Princess Kate and David Tennant.

Fun and interesting too to discover that Susan is a quilter, who, after viewing the Gee's Bend exhibit, had the same response as Jacqui Gering, "I can do that!"  Susan's first quilt was done ad lib.  (I am hoping to get a picture of it to share with you!)

And the UFO  part:  Her partner Martha started knitting this GORGEOUS sweater over ten (10!) years ago.  Over the years, the skeins of yarn and slowly materializing sweater spent time in the back of closets, behind doorways, near the couch, in the car, etc. And now, here it is:

The 10 Year (definitely-worth-the-wait-wearable-work-of-art) UK UFO in ABQ !

Good art is nothing more than infinite patience. (William Wallace Kimball)

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