Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween has come and gone.....and here are some Hip Stitch creations for the day:
Heather was invited to a 60s Mod party - so I sewed up this very 60s Mod dress from Alexander Henry's Mocca, in cotton lawn, with a super-easy peasant dress pattern (class in the works!).  Put it together with gold boots, gold tights, and just the right wig, and you're groovy, baby!

Julie and Robyn each made this Rapunzel dress for their little girls for Halloween - with help from Sharon Hatcher, who took them thru "How NOT to Read a Pattern".....and they came out priceless!

Just arrived yesterday:

Moda's Etchings - pintucked cottons (you have to TOUCH it to appreciate it!)


Robyn said...

What? You know another Robyn? Or do I have a daughter I don't know about?

Hip Stitch said...

Yes, believe it or not, there IS another Robyn! But you're Robyn #1, if that helps!! (only because I knew you longer, not because I play favorites)