Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blessings and Thanks

The last 2 days (Black Friday and Small Business Saturday) were fun, and busy, and full of friends, new customers and regulars (who are also friends)  and KIDS - which I think is my absolutely favorite part of a day at Hip Stitch.  I didn't capture pictures of them, but just to recap:

*Brock, who's 1 1/2:  he walks throughout the store, babbling in his adorable language of, well, babbling.  And we can't understand a word he says, but he says it with such expression that I love to answer him and carry on a conversation with him.  And his eyes....oh, those gorgeous eyes.....

*Lily, also 1 1/2:  her beautiful strawberry blond hair, who also wandered through the store, looking at this and that.  Her favorite part?  The food, of course!

*Everett and McKenna (hope my spelling is correct) - brother and sister who come in and go right to the toy area and just play and play and are so sweet and well-mannered.

*Sydney, who comes with her mom, and they select fabric together for outfits, and she has great taste!

*and kids who come in for the very 1st time, who go straight to the toy section, even if they're all put away, because they just KNOW that's where the toys are.

I love love love kids in the store.  I'm not yet the age to become a grandmother, for my own girls are only 11 and 13, but something about a wee little one makes me feel.....grandmother-ly.  If that makes any sense.....

More photos of what's being made:

Last Saturday, the Stocking Stuffers class was pincushions.  Cathy Kelly came with all her wonderful wool, and Tina and I (yes, I actually took a class!) and Cathy sat and hand-stitched beautiful pincushions.  The top picture is the sample Cathy brought, the middle is the one she made in class, and the 3rd is Tina's.  Mine?  Well, I didn't get a photo of it, but I have it on the cutting counter in the store, if you'd like to take a peek.  It was a wonderfully relaxing afternoon, even if I did have to pop up and down a few times for store business.

And just to share a few pictures from my day off from the store Wednesday, and a family trip to Bosque del Apache:

Sandhill cranes:

Bald eagle: (trust me, it IS one)

Jane knitting in car:  (I was knitting in the front seat, too)

So, to sum up, I'm so very thankful for all of you who continue to support small businesses such as Hip Stitch - who come, and share what project you're doing, and what you're planning to do, who bring your kids and your grandkids, who bring your mothers and aunts and sisters and daughters and who love to sew and want to learn to sew, and for all you do to keep me're why I love this store so much, and why I love to come to work, and why sewing continues to grow and grow.  Thank you.

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