Friday, August 26, 2011

IKEA and food and fabric

A few pictures from our IKEA trip a few weekends ago:

 We were positively giddy just driving into the parking lot!

HAD to eat the Swedish Meatballs

 This is one of the many pieces of furniture I've been lusting after....the Varde kitchen island
Swedish pancakes

 Pretending we're standing in our new kitchen at home

The "Put a Bird on it" chair
(What?!  You haven't seen THIS video???)

And peach pie I made this week.....peaches compliments of customer/friend Ann, who had just picked them from her backyard tree and brought them to me at the Grandma taught me how to make pies when I was little, and she always pricked into the top crust the 1st letter of the fruit:
I thought I had a picture of Grandma rolling out pie crust, but couldn't find it....I did find this one, though:
teaching me how to knit 
(that was the time in my life where I was mistaken regularly for a boy, with my short hair)

THIS fabric arrived yesterday:

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Kristin said...

Gotta have the key fabric!!

Thanks for the IKEA fix, I sure miss having one just 30 minutes from my house!!