Friday, January 21, 2011

Itchy Tweed, exciting news, and new fabric!

First, the tweed.  I found this in my garage...I remember my mom giving it to me some years back.  I think the story is that my aunt brought it back from Scotland, maybe 30-40 years ago?  (I need to check on this story for accuracy)  I never knew what to do with it until the Classic Tailored Jacket class came about.  I sooooo wanted to make the coat, but my time has been limited lately, so I haven't been able to shop around for fabric.  Then, the light bulb went off, I went into the garage, and here it is, in the making:

.....and the little Featherweight that's tackling this coat!  Right now, I feel like Sherlock Holmes when I see this fabric - like all I need is a pipe and matching tweed cap.  It even has the scent of a musty castle in the Scottish Highlands.....but my imagination tends to run away sometimes!
Melisa Hart is teaching the class, and I can't wait to see the finished coats of the gals taking it - their fabric selection is beautiful!  More on Melisa in a future blog post.....she is so incredibly talented.

Exciting news.....Hip Stitch is featured in the Feb./March issue of Vogue Pattern magazine!  Should be either on the newsstands or will be any day now....I just got my copy in the mail.  A story was done on sewing lounges around the country.  I'm so tickled, and have to credit the very talented Ellen for the photos!

New fabric to be shared later today....having some camera difficulties....

CRAFT NIGHT TONIGHT - who's coming?