Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home again, home again

So good to be back (so good to have been away, too!)  I walked into the store Monday morning and just felt, well, home.  I had such a wonderful group of gals who ran the store while I was away, and everything was sparkling clean, and arranged, and organized.  Not to mention all the new fabric that came in while I was gone....I just had to touch everything!
Here's what's arrived this week:

more of Patty Young's Flora & Fauna

and Alexander Henry's Home Sewing is Easy!  Finally, I was able to get ahold of a bolt of this, thanks to help from customer Kim!

Oh, and I must pass on the names of 2 great books I read on my trip.....I checked them out from the library, on the "New Releases" shelf:  Sheer Abandon, by Penny Vincenzi, and This Charming Man, by Marian Keyes.  Both had me riveted - reading in the car, reading late into the night in our hotel room, reading while sitting in Urgent Care in St. Louis waiting to be seen (thought I had an ear infection....was only some fluid in my ears - all is well).  Penny Vicenzi is from London, which is where the book takes place; Marian Keyes is from Ireland, and the setting is Dublin mainly.  I now find myself saying such things as: "Lovely!", "Spendid!", "Bugger", and "let's have a hen party!".  So much fun!

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kathleen said...

The home sewing fabric is hilarious. Hopefully you'll still have some by the time I stop by.