Saturday, August 7, 2010

Everything must end.....including our vacation.  This morning we leave to head back to Albuquerque.  We plan to stay the night in Oklahoma City tonight, if all goes well.  A few more pictures from our family vacation in St. Louis:
Here we are on a Mississippi riverboad  tour.....(didn't mean to cut out my husband!)  After Monday and Tuesday being over 100 degrees, the rest of the week was in the 90s and much, much more bearable!

Enjoying a seat on the boat, watching the river.  Oh, the joy of being around water when you live in the Southwest!

The St. Louis of the best I've been to! (Second to Albuquerque, of course)

And back in time, to the beginnings of our brother's home in Omaha - he lives on a farm, and he & his wife are caretakers of the horses.  Their house is just a few yards from the barn.  I wanted to cry it was so beautiful and peaceful.....white picket fence, porch swing, wraparound porch, and all.

Now we hit the road.....I hope to find a quilt shop or two along the way....sadly, there were none to be found in St. Louis.  I searched online and talked to a quilter from Louisville who knows St. Louis.  Hmmmmmm.......maybe someone needs to open a sewing lounge here!

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