Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here's Barbara, wearing the ruffled scarf she made with Portia:

She's one of those women at Hip Stitch who's become more than a customer - she's a friend.  She has this incredible kindness, and is cheerful and enthusiastic - she loves to sew, and that rubs off on those around her (even me!)  She has an adorable little boy, for whom she made this quilt:

And dang it all, she's moving to Florida.  On Friday.  And I'm really sad about that.  Some friends gathered in the lounge last week for a private party, and they sewed aprons and cute hang-on-the-seat car trash bags, and button-enclosed pillow covers.
These are just a few:
So, we'll just have to keep in touch long-distance, and she'll have to send pictures of things she's sewn, and that will have to do until either she visits Albuquerque or I go to Florida (hmmmm, Disneyworld with the family sounds really good!)

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