Sunday, September 27, 2009

Embroidering and parties and oh so much fun!

Hip Stitch hosted a birthday party this afternoon - 10 girls, including one very special birthday girl! The girls embroidered book covers, and I was blown away with their natural talent! The book covers were already made, out of simple canvas. The girls got to choose their design to embroider from a selection of iron-on patterns out of Sublime Stitching.

They choose designs of dogs and ice cream cones, cupcakes and moons. After a short instruction, they got to work. They took a break from embroidery to eat birthday cake (peanut butter cake, which was fabulous!) Below is the birthday girl, who came decked out in - what else - a princess dress.
Another project they did was to make a bookmark by collage-ing fabric scraps onto cardstock paper, then painting on fabric stiffener. They whizzed through this craft!

And on the topic of embroidery, after getting charged up after seeing Robyn's work, this is my 1st completed project, which was delivered to Dagmar as a late birthday gift - a perfect choice for her, as she makes me the best lattes I've ever had!

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Robyn said...

It's me! I'm famous! That party looks great. What a fun thing for little girls to do. If I had a girl, that's the birthday party I'd give her!