Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enough about me

Sorry about that last outburst......the dishwasher had me in a rage.

Here is a BEAUTIFUL jacket made and modeled by Peg, a frequent lounger and friend at Hip Stitch. She's off to the Santa Fe opera wearing it over a little black dress. I think she's going this week....every time she comes I have a senior moment and ask her "is the opera tonight?" and she patiently says, "no, I'm going on August....." and says the date and then I promptly forget it. Anyhow, this is a Marcy Tilton pattern for Vogue, and Peg did some wonderful and magical things to the silk to make it bunch up like this. (by the way, we have a silk resource if anyone has a project and wants to order a few yards of some....sort of like the drug dealer of fabric)

And on to other fabulous projects made by fabulous customers.....Laura, her daughter Caroline and her mother (egad, I forgot her name) came to the lounge one day this summer to make aprons. Here they are, 3 generations, in their "In Stitches" half-aprons:

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