Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sewing in the dark

It's Earth Hour, in case you didn't know, which means from 8:30 to 9:30 pm tonight, we're all supposed to turn off non-essential electricity in our homes. Translated by a 9 and 11 yr. old: get out all the candles you can find in the house, and live by candlelight. As you can see by the picture, the sewing machine was considered essential. Oh, and the computer. Ten minutes left, by my watch, though this has been a fun experiment on our dependance on electricity!

This is the project I'm working on tonight - two simple sundresses for my 6 yr. old goddaughter. And this is the task I was faced with when I didn't have a bodkin at home:
turning 8 straps right side out! I had to resort to a safety pin, which I used for years and years before I discovered the took me so much longer....!
Here's my 1st project from Weekend Sewing: the Yard Sale Wrap Skirt! I just love how it turned out - I'm anxious to be able to wear summer sandals with it, as I just can't find any winter shoes that compliment it. I noticed an error in the pattern, with how much 45" fabric was needed (I even made a comment on Heather Ross' website - - I feel so important - haha!) I recommend you read this page before starting - there are a few errors here and there with the patterns, but in my opinion, it's still a fantastic book!)

Next project: the Kimono Dress from the same book. I'm going to make it with Kara, a customer and great friend - can't wait to start!

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MrsCatHead said...

I can't wait either! I need to wash my fabric and cut out the pattern. So excited to start!