Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hip Teens and Walkin' down Memory Lane

So here are the creations made at Teen Time Saturday night, by 3 extremely talented, creative, sweet, just all-around adorable 8th grade girls! They each made a tote bag, and added embellishments, pockets, even a zipper to one - to make these. I can't wait to do this again! (Speaking of which, the next Teen Time is on April 4th instead of March 21, due to Spring Break)

Next, some of my treasures: the trunk in my room (it belonged to my great-grandmother, who took it on her honeymoon to Niagra Falls, if my memory of the story serves me correctly!) I've put in it special outfits I've made for my girls when they were babies/toddlers/little girls. Dresses, skirts, a cape, a Raggedy Ann Halloween costume, matching sundresses, 1st day of school outfits. You know that theoretical question that if you had to leave your house immediately because of a fire and could only take what you can carry? Well, I'd have to make room in my arms for these...
And another part of the trunk holds scraps from many of the outfits I've sewn, with the plan that someday, I'll put them together to make a quilt, or two!

This is what Claire picked out for her 1st communion dress:
I'm so excited to make it! I made Jane's dress 2 years ago, and she picked out this one:

This is what I love most about sewing - making the memories. Speaking of memories, I was making enchiladas tonight, which I don't make often, and as I was frying the tortillas, my mind went back to the 3 years I spent living and going to school in Las Vegas, NM. My stand-in- mother (as mom was 2000 miles away) was Rose Martinez, who to this day calls me "mi hita" which warms my heart to no end. Rose makes the best enchiladas I've ever tasted - but my mind traveled on as I made dinner tonight. To sewing....when I lived in Las Vegas, I was flat broke, being a college student and doing it on my own. I did have my mom's old sewing machine with me, and I remember walking down to the five-and-dime style store on the end of the little strip where the Spic-n-Span restaurant still is (anyone remember the name of that store - it closed in the early 90s?). Anyway, they had fabric - remnants, not bolts, on tables, and I'd scrounge through it, looking for something with which to create. I finally found it - a denim-looking material, though lighter, more flow-y...don't know what it was - polyester blend, rayon?! And I found a pattern, and I made a dress - a summery, romantic, flirty, dress, that I loved to wear and felt so good when I did. (I even had a romantic walk in Carnegie Park with a special someone while wearing that dress) I still have the dress - in the attic, tucked away with other memories...I think I'm going to get it out soon and try it on again - see if this 40 yr. old body can still fit into something I wore 18 years ago!
I'm so thankful for memories, and for my love of sewing that has helped make them, well, immortal, in a way.

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