Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stitch in the where?!

It's stitch in the ditch I'm referring to. A technique that I love because it completely hides your stitching on the right/top side, but I hate because it's so hard to catch the other side of the waistband in on the wrong side. I have no photos to further describe this process, but I'm working on the apron for the Barcelona Skirt for a dear friend, Shirley, and I'll post a a picture of her modeling the skirt and apron when I'm done.

Karen, a customer, shared pics. of her latest projects: the Barcelona Skirt - layered version: (beautiful!)
and a dress she made with McCall's pattern 5785 - which I just love the cute-ness of this! Karen's review - working with the sizing was challenging - which is a common problem with commercial patterns. Thanks so much for sharing with us!
If you come into the store and salsa music is blaring, it's me listening and possibly practicing my dance steps - my husband and I are taking lessons, thanks to my New Year's resolution of trying to balance the "mom and dad" roles that take over our lives with the "husband and wife" which gets put on the back burner. The lessons are quite fun, even though it's hard to fit yet one more commitment into our lives. My only complaint is that I get easily dizzy....lot's of turns and spins and my head can't keep up!
My 5th grade daughter is mortified that one of the other couples in our class is her teacher and fiance....my husband teases her when we come home that he danced with her teacher!

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