Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm going to gripe, and complain, and air my grievance. I just got back home from a trip to another fabric store here in town - the name begins with a J, and rhymes with Schmoann's, just to keep things anonymous. I'm doing a job making cushions, and wanted to buy a zipper by the yard to get more exact measurements, rather than the pre-packaged zippers. I also needed to buy the zipper pulls and stops, and I've never assembled a zipper before, so I stopped the 1st employee to ask if she could help, and she said "I don't sew, I'm just a stock clerk" (hmmm, I remember her cutting my fabric and ringing me up on previous visits before.) I attempted a joke, saying she needs to wear a sign as an employee there, saying 'I don't sew'. She didn't find it humorous.
The next employee at the cutting counter I asked responded, "I've never sewn zippers." Fair enough.
The cashier, though, was the icing on the cake. She rang me up, asked if I had a coupon, and when I said no, I left it at home, looked at me with complete disinterest and said "Bummer". I asked if she might have an extra one somewhere behind the counter. Her answer, with even more disinterest: "Nope."
You all have my permission to blog about me, or Jen, or Heather, if any one of us ever says to you in a disinterested tone of voice, "Bummer", when you don't have a coupon at our store.


dag said...

hey, i can barely type -- for all my laughing... great post!!! and buh for schmoanns!!!
and i will see you tomorrow morning at 10.00.
ps. eat chocolate, it helps.

Carolyn said...

Bummer huh? Why didn't she just go with "sucks for you". I have boycotted our local Schmoann's (as much as it is a pain to do so) just north of you, in what rhymes with Fanta Se. I won't bore with details of their lack of customer courtesy, other than to say if you are ever in that Schmoann's, ask to use the bathroom.

Robyn said...

I once worked at Hobby Lobby. I never did crafts and got zero training. People always asked me for advice and I felt so stupid. Oh, was I bewildered when I had to figure out cutting the fabric when I had never even seen a bolt of fabric before!

I'm pretty sure I never said "bummer," though, to a customer!

Oh, the one in SF is awful! I remember when they banned bathroom use. That location is so dingy.

Mara said...

I get most of my zippers from Zipperstop on eBay, and I don't have to talk to anyone!