Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Slippers

I love them love them! I started with the pattern from Sew Pretty Homestyle, by Tone Finnager, then after about 4 slippers made, tweaking each one a bit, I have a pattern that works! They feel like ballet slippers when I wear them around the house (not that I ever danced ballet), but just....pretty....feminine....sweet!
Sooo, this is the February project of the month. We'll be offering 2 of them during the month. The calendar is being finalized - stay tuned!
Coming up, too, in February - make a gardening tote! Pics to post soon.
And on another note, that has nothing to do with sewing, but I do like to digress...does anyone else have a crush on President Obama? Putting our political views aside (and I certainly won't spout mine) - isn't he dreamy?! Maybe it's that "leader of the free world" aura about him, maybe it's that he has a beautiful wife by his side and adorable children, and that he's ONLY 47 years old - egad. Well, enough said.


Dag said...

hey - i have a birthday wish: just exactly those!!! beautiful!!!

KHM said...

I love the slippers! And, yes: love (and then some) our new Preseident...meeeooowwwrrrr!