Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It doesn't all get done

But here's one thing that did get done today: my girls have bunk beds, and my oldest wanted a fabric covering on her "roof" So we went to Hip Stitch today and she picked out "Entertaining Elephants", and this afternoon I stapled it on. I'll next make pockets to hang from the side for her to put her books, a pencil, notepad, etc.

The cleaning & organizing bug has hit me!

So on to what didn't get done...

Well, Christmas came and went, and all the last-minute homemade gift ideas didn't make it under the tree. But I wanted to share a few that did. I made my girls each a robe, and each a music-themed tote bag in which to put their piano books to take to piano lessons. This morning was their 1st lesson back after the holidays, and we only had about 5 minutes of my 8 yr. old frantically searching the house for her bag! (It was found, and we made it only 1 minute late!)
Anyway, I used the tote bag directions that I teach in the class, only I added some craft fuse interfacing to give them more stiffness and durability.
At the store, the fabric swap is underway - Betty came by yesterday and dropped off some great cottons, wool and fleece. I have to restrain myself to not grab for me, me, ME!

(Oh, and my husband's shirt? The one I was going to make for Christmas? Well, the fabric & pattern still sit in the sewing lounge - it will get made, mind you. It WILL get made.)

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