Monday, October 13, 2014

A trip to Santa Fe

Sunday I took a spur of the moment trip to Santa Fe, to see the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild Fiesta.  My companion was my very favorite 14 year old.  We saw an awesome quilt show, took a quick trip to our favorite museum, and grabbed a yummy quesadilla at Harry's Roadhouse (thanks, Lisa, for the recommendation!) before heading back - in the wind - to Albuquerque.

My girl took all these beautiful pictures.....a compilation of our favorites:

We both agreed this was one of the best, in our opinion:

Was so happy to see Ann & Michael of Thread Bear had a booth.  Here is a quilt Micheal made using this panel.  I had to get the panel!

The weather was cold and windy - it looked like snow was forming over the
 Sangre de Cristo Mountains:

Hmmmm......cooler weather.  Good for quilt making, no?

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sophie said...

I just discovered your blog ... and was happy to see my Feather Bed quilt featured from the show in Santa Fe.