Sunday, September 21, 2014

State Fair 2014!

We managed to squeeze in a visit to the fair in this very busy time in our lives.....the 1st one sans kids 
(sigh....teenagers opted out this year)

Here are some pics to recap the day:

The food - oh the food!

Mother/daughter Hip Stitchers, Trisha & Haley, each had entries in the fair.  
How cool is that?
Trisha had some embroidery:

Haley had a skirt:
(wish it was displayed in full)

American flag made from firehose:

A slice of Americana:

Cool quilt pattern that my math teacher husband loved:

Hip Stitcher Laurel's dress won 2 ribbons!

 Gotta love the crocheted Barbie dress:

 Love, love, loved these knitted sweaters, called 
"2 Peas in a Pod"

Dancers at Villa Hispana:

Until next year!

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