Sunday, June 1, 2014

Days 3 & 4 in the Bay Area

I'm planning that there will be a balance between all the food we're eating & all the walking we're doing.....that works, right?

Yesterday was beautiful Santa Cruz.  Boardwalk, surfers, sea lions, and loads of WIND.  Ice cream at the famous Marianne's, (lavender & pumpkin being 2 of the delicious flavor we sampled), visiting the surfing museum, and finding Harts Fabrics were just a few highlights:

Today was Berkeley.  Quaint, funky, and the UC Berkeley campus was breathtaking.  A visit to Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics made up for not doing Britex, in my humble opinion.  We (the girls & I) gave this store 2 thumbs up!  And I realized I'm going through a knit fabric obsession....that was my fabric drug of choice on this trip.

Then, when we thought our day couldn't get any better, we discovered an IKEA just 5 minutes away! Dan dropped us off & 3 hours later, we exited with as much as we could take on the airplane! (Ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration)

Tomorrow: the Monterrey Bay Aquarium!

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