Sunday, February 9, 2014

An Albuquerque outing

As many of you know, I'm married to a math teacher.  While there are some similarities between what I do and what he does (see the end of this post for more on that), we usually don't talk details of projects we're doing, classes we're teaching, etc.  To be honest, so much of what he teaches is waaaaay over my head!

Today, though, instead of staying home and sewing (or laundry, or grocery shopping, or cleaning...),  I agreed to go along with him on a expedition to find frieze patterns, of which he's currently teaching in his middle school classroom.  We took off with our cameras (me channeling my friend Ellen), and had a fun afternoon together:

First, Central Ave. by UNM:

Then, over to UNM:

Wow - Zimmerman Library is beautiful!  We explored the older wing:

(not frieze patterns, but I LOVED this old card catalog)

(and check out these study tables w/lights above them)

From there, we headed downtown:

And lastly, a swing by Old Town:

And as he taught me about frieze patterns, and translation symmetry, glide reflection, and much more that I didn't understand completely, 
my mind went to frieze patterns in fabric:

And lastly, as to how our work is similar:

Here is Ali Winston's new book!  Ali, who was a Hip Stitcher here before she moved to Atlanta, teaches math as well as is a fabulously creative quilter!  I just got my copy of her new book - can't wait to try out a pattern!

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ChefSara said...

Nothing like some photos from around town to make me miss ABQ.