Thursday, March 14, 2013


How we love our fabric.   
We search to find  perfect beautiful bolts. They arrive, we admire their pattern, their color, we wonder who will take them home and what they will become.  Filled with images of skilled friends and their work,  my camera's memory card has no room for more pictures.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be downloading pictures of our  fabric, our beloved friends and their resulting  collaborations. 

Jane and orange turn into a swirl of skirt.

Pat and Matisse and Alexander Henry
crossed time, space and multi-media to create this quilted masterpiece. (And, by the way, Ms. Pat, did you make that cool sweater too?)

An early sign of approaching spring, two of my good hens, Boots and Harlan laid these eggs. The still-life photo features spring fabric from  Moda's "Lady's Stitching Club".  (OK,  the hens did not wittingly collaborate with me on this, nor do they know that I took a picture of their eggs. However, their efforts were recompensed handsomely.)


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