Monday, April 30, 2012

Holy Cow, what a weekend!

A weekend sewing/quilting retreat took us to Las Vegas, New Mexico, where we experienced:

*3 drunk cowboys who got into a middle-of-the-night brawl

*one date proposal

*one marriage proposal

*the completion of 3 quilt tops, one t-shirt, one pair of pj bottoms, and one pair of pants

*mini massages, demos, delicious food, wonderful hospitality HERE

*and plans for another the fall, maybe?  Will you PLEASE join in??

(yes, she's using a camping headlight to seam rip)

This is a quick shot of Threadbare, the fabric store just steps away from the hotel.

If you want to know more about the drunk cowboys, or the date proposal, or the marriage proposal, you'll have to come to the store and ask me, and I'll fill you in....


Jen said...

Sounds amazing! I'm moving to Albuquerque this week, and I'm so excited to learn about your store. Count me in for a fall sewing weekend :)

Kathryn Wardenski said...

Where was this retreat? I want to take it!