Wednesday, March 28, 2012

 Show 'n Tell time:

Tie Dye Skirt class....from a pillowcase to a skirt! (class w/Bralia)

Lisa's Pretty Little Purse (class w/Portia)

Lori's dress from One Yard Wonders
.....and back

also from Lori - also from One Yard Wonders

also from Lori (she's on a roll!) - The Sandlewood Jacket, with added pockets and zipper, AND it's reversible!

here's her Schoolhouse Tunic, made from David Butler's Parson Gray fabrics....

.....and the solid gray camisole underneath, made from our Bella solids.

And me?  Well, no pics yet, but I've been busy sewing with our knits - a t-shirt, a maxi dress, a cardigan - easy to make, so comfy to wear!

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