Monday, February 6, 2012

A quick getaway....and saying goodbye

Nashville, TN, was our destination - my mom and I.  A 3 hr. delay in Chicago had us HUNGRY - and we found a mouth-watering Reuben sandwich here:

I texted my Aunt Debbie, jokingly telling her to have a bottle of red wine ready when we arrived.  I got back this cryptic text: "have jac/honey 2".  I keep reading and re-reading it, thinking it must be one of those Mad Gab - like messages, where you have to pronounce it a certain way to get the message.  But alas, it was a local favorite: 

And so we spent 4 days in Tennessee, visiting with Uncle Jim,  Aunt Debbie & cousins, and laughed and cried and looked through old pictures, and talked about the past and the future and the life he led, and the legacy he leaves behind.  We toured a bit around Nashville......

.....took a sail w/Debbie 
(thank goodness she didn't quiz me like she threatened me she would, on all the part of the sailboat)

.....wandered around the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, where there was a cattleman's convention going on, so there were signs like this all about:

I did get to visit THIS fabric store, and picked up some jersey knit to make another dress.

....and then said our final goodbyes to Uncle Jim, and headed back west.

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