Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yet another project

Pillowcases this time, it is!  Like the ottoman, I've been wanting new pillowcases for some time now.  Somehow over the years of marriage and children, matching pillowcases on our bed have fallen into a not-such-an-important-thing category.  This is what we were down to:

Let's take a closer look, shall we?
Our grown-up bed has pillowcases that are: Strawberry Shortcake, Christmas, pink flowers, plain white, red paisley, and a light green.  Yes, that's what came out of the linen closet when I change the bedding.

It was time for a change.....I was feeling scattered and, well, not so grown up when I make the bed and lay me down to sleep!  After shopping around, and finding pillowcases that were either outrageously expensive, not-so-expensive but ones I didn't really like, or just nothing I liked, it was time to hit the sewing machine.

Crystal helped me pick out fabric, and here's the final result:

Here's a close-up:
Lovely, lovely, lovely!
And speaking of lovely, scamper on over to Melisa's blog, where she's doing a "Me Made" month.....I'm so inspired.....you go, girl!


Melisa Hart said...

Beautiful! I love them.

Sar-b said...

i am so inspired to make new pillow cases! also, i think i am going to swing by and borrow the "circle cutter". my mom has requested some felt flower pillows for her birthday!