Monday, February 28, 2011

Last month.....

Hip Stitch hosted guest instructor Shirley Kay Wolfersberger, who held a day-long retreat called Creativity by Design.  Shirley Kay is a national teacher in fiber art, color, design and creativity.  That's just the tip of the iceberg in describing her.  I myself didn't take the class (kicking myself), and I had no idea what to expect in the lounge that day.  We had 5 women participate, and I was able to catch little snippets here and there as I refilled and re-heated my coffee throughout the day.  The women gave rave reviews at the end of the day, saying they truly felt exhausted from switching from left brain to right brain throughout the day (or were they switching from right to left?!)
Anyhow, I hope we can offer this class again (so I can take it!), but in the meantime, Shirley Kay is offering another one of her day-long retreats in April - Creativity through Color.   More description and details to come.....but I can't wait!!
Here are just a few shots of the class in January:

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