Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indulge me.... I stray from blogging for Hip Stitch to blogging about the fact that I'm about to become the mother of a teenager - 13 today.  We started here:

I blinked, and we were here.....with handmade Halloween costumes (saved in my trunk for all time):
....then here, with her 1st lost tooth:

and now we're here:
 Blue retainer for her teeth, almost as tall as I am, we're heading into the teen years together!  (The felt mushroom she's holding in the picture above is this handmade gift from her sister)  Happy Birthday, sweet Jane!


mandiegirl said...

Happy birthday Jane!

Ellen said...

Oh, wow, that makes me want to cry - seeing you with that baby in the first picture and now she's a teenager!! Happy Birthday!