Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OK, so I'm a wee bit behind in a few things.....like knowing that last Saturday was Small Business Saturday - haha....so a belated thank you for the many that came to Hip Stitch and shopped!

And to catch up a bit, here are a few of my very favorite small businesses around Albuquerque:  (I may be repeating what I listed a while back, but hey, they're still my favorite):

Rising Star Restaurant.....just 2 doors west of Hip Stitch.  The girls and I ate there tonight....I think the 1st time I've ever eaten in - I always do carry out.  Family-owned, family-run, (just found out the the owner's wife is expecting their 1st child!), friendly, warm, great food.

Los Poblanos Farms......signed up for their produce pick up this fall, and loved loved loved that I was getting fresh, organic, locally-grown produce.  Learned to make new recipes with new foods!

Papa Nachos - on Louisiana, between Paseo del Norte & San Antonio.....good food, great service - enough said?

hmmmmm.....is there a theme to this?  food....food....food......


mandiegirl said...

Aww, my fave small business is Hip Stitch! :) We did the CSA from Los Poblanos a while back- we quite because I wasn't a fan of the 'organic' bugs in my fridge. ;)

kathleen said...

Thanks for the info on Los Poblanos. One of their farms is down the street from me, I haven't been back in albuq long enough to know what's what (sewing lounges are another new thing for me!). I'll go by your store the next time I'm in town to see what it's all about.

I also have a 'stitch lounge' in a manner of speaking but not open to the public (never will be open, iow, no competition to you). I can show you around tho if you want to come out some time to look around.