Saturday, September 4, 2010

It was a day to remember....

It started about 2 weeks ago.....with a phone call from a woman I've known for some years from church.  We used to run the kitchen during Vacation Bible School - did it every year for about 5 consecutive years.  I hadn't seen her in a while, as our lives didn't cross paths.  She called me to tell me that she and her husband were moving into a retirement was time.  His health wasn't so good - she couldn't keep up with taking care of the house and yard, and she was tired of cooking.  Did I want to come take any of her sewing supplies?  I didn't hesitate - YES!
I went over and started looking at everything......fabric, irons, thread, batting, interfacing, scissors, pins, buttons, trims, needles, patterns (oh, the fun of looking through patterns from the 70s!).  Then I saw it:

My breath caught in my throat.....

I could hardly ask......"are you parting with THIS?"  I asked.  Yes, she was.  A local sewing machine repair shop gave her an offer some time ago.  "Are you interested?" she asked.  I nearly yelped out "YES!"  The offer was good - I asked if I could give her that amount.  Sure, she said.  I told her I'd check w/my husband, and come back in the next week or so to pay for it.  In the meantime, she took me outside to her peach tree, where I loaded bags of peaches, and then we sat on her back porch, chatting.....I always love to hear stories from her of her life - her husband was a pilot in the military, they lived all over the world, and she's had some adventures.  The most touching moment was when she told me that when she looks in her husband's face, she still sees the young fighter pilot that she knew way back when.....she doesn't see the elderly man he is today.  I'll never forget those words.
Fast forward to yesterday.....I went back, she gave me more sewing notions, I wrote her a check for this:
A Singer Featherweight, in pristine condition - oiled, tuned up, shiny - in it's case, with the manual.  When I opened the manual, here's the line I loved:

I took it home, gently set it up, read through the manual to make sure I had threaded everything exactly the right way, and gingerly started sewing.  Well, what can I compare that moment to?   Putting on my wedding dress the day of  my wedding?  Seeing the ocean for the 1st time after being away from it for 10 years?  Giving birth and seeing my daughter for the 1st time?  Well, it was pretty darn close.  For those of you who love sewing, who sew and sew and sew, who burst with pride when you finish a garment, or a quilt, or a understand.  Right?!
Oh, and my friend had me rummage through the last of what was to be given away to charity, and I eagerly claimed this:
And my girls and I have been having loads of fun typing away:
Someday I'll be an elderly woman (if it's the plan for my life), and I'll have all my sewing supplies.  I don't know if my daughters will be interested in them.  I certainly don't ever want them to feel like they have to take my belongings.....I hope that my things will make someone else happy.  I hope someone else will take them, and know that sewing made me very happy.  I hope my friend knows that what she parted with has made me very happy, and I'm very grateful.

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