Saturday, July 10, 2010

As I sit here, exhausted but euphoric, I just wanted to reflect on today's Hipster's Craft Fair:

I'm thankful that I finally got to shop myself at the end of the day, and it's the first time I've ever, ever done Christmas shopping in July, and I feel so good about it!

Melissa Maher won the Amy Butler picnic blanket, and $65 went to Basket of Hope, in memory of sweet Nolan Johnson, pictured here:

Robyn (one of my favorite bloggers) due to give birth any day now to a baby boy, came by, and looks gorgeous and svelte despite being 9 mos. pregnant.

Crafter Kim now has an adopted younger sister.....the daughter of crafter Melanie, who modeled one of Kim's aprons all day and stuck like glue to Kim!

I'm inspired and proud of all the young ones who helped today at the craft fair:

*Aline and Ian, who helped their mom Diana sell her gorgeous wares.
*Wren and her brother (egad I forgot his name), who sold their creations to donate the funds to support the cause of saving sea turtles.
*Melanie's daughter Keri Lynn (so sorry if I misspelled), who patiently hung out with mom all day and modeled Kim's apron, and who always looked happy when I saw her!
*Taylor, going into high school this year and a helper to me this summer at the store, who showed up and did every little job I put her to as I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off!
*and my girls, Jane & Claire, who have tirelessly helped me this summer, and then decided they wanted to participate in the craft fair, so worked the past 2 weeks sewing - headbands, and weaving - potholders - to sell.

I feel very blessed and thankful to be able to have to done this craft fair - I feel so strongly about supporting local artists.  I was talking to a friend about how hard it was for me to do craft shows in the past - my heart and soul is out there on the table, with what I've created.  So I have such huge respect and admiration for all the women who were there today, and the local talent that we have here in Albuquerque.  Thank you for participating.....for sharing your craft,  your art, with the community!

Pictures of the fair to come....


pupkinstuff1027 said...

Hi, Karalyn had a blast with Kim and everyone else there yesterday. I enjoyed it too and it was really nice to finally meet you! Thank you for having the craft fair!


mandiegirl said...

I came by for a little while on Saturday & had a blast, too! :) I hope you do more of these! I'll be posting a few of the photos I took, too, later on this week on my blog.