Sunday, May 23, 2010

Studio Tour - Dagmar

Yes, yes, I know, I actually wrote in this blog that I'd be doing weekly studio, was I ambitious!  Life indeed got in the way of that!

However, Dagmar and I finally managed to connect - slowly, via email - and I have another tour for you!  Dagmar left last week for Germany - she goes every summer with her beautiful children, for about 3 weeks, to visiting her home.  Thank goodness she graciously sent back answers to my 'interview' questions before she left!

Dagmar and I met a few years back at Trader Joe's....which we laugh about, because we both have made some great friends there.  She spotted a tote bag I had made and was carrying - it was bright orange and pink, which coincidentally are colors that she's drawn to and look fabulous on her.  We struck up a conversation and have been friends since!

She's primarily a knitter - as well as dyeing, spinning, felting wool.  As far as other crafts?  Well, it's more like what DOESN'T she do?!  Here's our interview:

ME:  Do you listen to anything while you work? 

when i knit/crochet i do audiobooks, mysteries, favorite: the prey series by john sandford.

ME: What's your favorite tool, whether it be for knitting, spinning, sewing, cardmaking - anything - what do you love to use?
knitting needles, for the lonely island - i'd spin coconutfibers and be a happy knitter...

ME: At what age did you start your artistic creating?  What's the 1st thing you made?

i made a super ugly floppy doll, long and skinny - and loved the thing to no end, always had to have him for sleeping. i was probably 8?! today he means nothing to me... strange...

ME: Do you go through "seasons" of creating?  Ever need time off?  if so, what brings you back?

i am like a butterfly, i nibble here and nibble there, switch crafts, but knit the most. when i don't have at least 2 active projects (not counting older unfinished objects in the closet) i get nervous.
it is usually an up and down with other crafts, like scrapbooking, crochet, bookbinding, marbling, papermaking, rughooking, felting....
And now pictures from her beautiful can one NOT be inspired to create in a space like this? 
Here are dyed woolens drying on the become strips for rughooking......a spinning wheel in the foreground, and a rughooking piece on the sofa in the background:

Wool being spun......and one wall of the studio - such vibrant color!

Various tools stored in sheep-themed holders.  Dagmar's business is called "Sheep on a Spring."  What I think I love most about her space is how her children's creativity is scattered about, also - displayed on the walls, a project in the making here and there.  She encourages them to create, also, and when I'm with them, I love to chat and just hang out with them - the little artists they are!

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