Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can we rid the world of plastic bags?

A friend sent this link to me, about plastic bags in our world. I found it quite good. I hope you all are taking cloth/canvas/recycled bags to the grocery store with you. I remember about 90% of the time to grab one before I go in....when I forget, I come home with a plastic bag and put it in my stash to make recycled totes out of them. Have you made yours yet?
We offer a class, you know. Because we have a guest instructor come in to teach it, we want to have a minimum of 3 people commit to take the class. We're going to keep the date open-ended.....when at least 3 call or email who want to take the class, we'll schedule it. Then we'll do this all over again....and again.....until we have zillions of recycled plastic tote bags in the world!

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